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Chivas Brothers International Grad Programme

Brand Design and Creative Direction for Chivas International Graduate Programme.

What was the task?

I was tasked with refreshing the visual style and branding for the Chivas Brothers International Grad Programme. Which included designing a new visual identity (logos, TOV, brand guidelines, taglines etc.) as well as as a full creative execution with Key Visuals that would work across all comms (emails, display, social) in order to make their grad programme less corporate and appeal to a Gen Z audience.

The Logo

The boxes in the logo represent a space that is open for each graduate to fill and add their own kind of unique outlook and personality to the programme. This is expressed through the use of typography. The typography includes fonts taken from various Chivas Brothers brands such as Ballantines, Chivas, Glenlivet and Beefeater. For the animated version, we have mixed in some alternate typefaces to add dynamism and create balance so it works as a whole.

Key Visual Development

The method in which the assets are created reflect the Chivas sunrise emblem whereby the sun is reimagined to be the head of the graduate and the sun rays express the graduates personality.

The Key Visuals

Each design has its own typographic style which aims to express the different graduate’s personalities. These include a range of copy executions whether that’s inspirational statements and stories, quotes from the graduates or headlines that we have put together that aim to express their individuality.

They all use 3 colours alongside white which helps to tie the key visuals together and create a cohesive suite of assets.


The Key Visual was rolled out across various assets including designs for social